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Prompt List: Video Games

My ever-growing prompt list I decided to make available to other authors that might be inspired by them. If you use one of my prompts, please give me credit for the idea. And post a link in the comments so I can see it of course!

Check back often for NEW! additions here and on my other prompt list entries: Movie Prompts, TV Show Prompts &
Crossover Prompts
Find the fills to my prompts here.

LA Noire:

Prompt: Cole dinged up Roy’s prized car and the man is none too happy about it. Cole apologizes profusely and promises to pay for the repairs but Roy only gives him a feral grin and suggests that he has a different way Cole could pay him back.
Pairing: Roy/Cole

Prompt: Cole survives AU. Stefan is beside himself when he hears the details over KGPL. The first thing he does upon seeing Cole is slug him right in the face for making him worry. The next is to pull him into a hug so tight he hears Cole’s bones pop. (Writer’s choice if new or established relationship.)
Pairing: Cole/Stefan

Prompt: Overheard at the precinct: “Think those Vice boys are getting any on the side?” If only they knew...
Pairing: Roy/Cole

Prompt: What if Roy had stopped Cole from going into Elsa’s apartment, or followed him up and dragged him out?
Pairing: Roy/Cole

Prompt: During a case or patrol, Cole goes into shell shock as he has flashbacks of the war and it takes his partner to bring him back.
Pairing: Cole/Stefan or Roy/Cole

Prompt: Cole and Roy have been partners for awhile now and somehow they’ve managed to form a report, though guilty enough Cole wishes there could be something more, unknowing Roy feels the same as he’s in denial that Roy’s flirty banter really means anything. In the meantime, the Assistant DA has made Kelso one of his investigators (Jack may or may not have discovered the conspiracy around the Suburban Redevelopment Fund yet), intent on taking down the Vice Squad to get promoted to DA. When Kelso starts sniffing around, Cole worries. Despite being an honest cop - an anomaly in the corrupt Vice division - he doesn’t want to see Roy caught in the crossfire. He can’t believe he’s about to seduce Jack into leaving Roy out of it. What’s more, what would Roy think if he ever found out?
Pairing: Cole/Jack & Roy/Cole

Prompt: Cole has a habit of sketching out crime scenes, witnesses, and the like into his notebook. He also, guilty enough, sketches his partner. What happens when he gets caught?
Pairing: Cole/Stefan or Roy/Cole

Prompt: Stefan talks Cole into playing a prank on Roy involving his precious car. Except Roy catches them/figures out who was behind it and comes up with some retribution of his own. (Writer’s choice if Cole’s in Traffic or Vice at this time and if there’s established Cole/Stefan. Note: I will not share non-con, so if you use this prompt, and have non-con, I won't be sharing it like other fills.)
Pairing: Roy/Cole/Stefan

Prompt: There’s a new serial killer loose in LA. This one targets men, and after he rapes and beats them, he kills them and leaves their corpses where they’re sure to be found. Phelps may not be Homicide, but he fits the type of victim the killer goes after and thus is put undercover - and it could be a joint Vice case as well. (Writer’s choice if Cole’s Traffic or Vice and if established or new relationship. Would like to see some H/C.)
Pairing: Cole/Stefan or Roy/Cole


Prompt: When the Courier wakes, he doesn’t remember his past and thus doesn’t remember Vulpes when they come face to face. Vulpes on the other hand is both relieved and happy to see the Courier again, even if he has to keep it toned down in front of his men. Having the Courier not remember him - remember THEM - is heartbreaking. Can he remind the Courier of what they had? Can he make the man fall in love with him again? (Courier could be loyal to the Legion or a neutral courier that somehow ended up crossing paths with Vulpes at some point.)
Pairing: M!Courier/Vulpes

Prompt: The Courier finds himself not wanting to leave Zion when everything is said and done. He’s bonded with Joshua, of all people, and if he can’t convince the other man to return to the Mojave with him then he’ll just have to stay instead.
Pairing: M!Courier/Joshua Graham

Prompt: The Courier is taken off guard when he meets Picus. He wasn’t expecting to fall for the Frumentarii but he wasn’t about to keep his feelings to himself. (Legion Courier most likely, but if you can make it work with a non-Legion Courier then go for it.)
Pairing: M!Courier/Picus

Prompt: Officer Gomez caught the Lone Wanderer and Freddie together one day. This leads to Herman becoming interested in someone he should never have been with - the LW. Bonus if the LW continues to see Freddie, who has no idea what his boyfriend and dad are up to. (Note: This should be when the boys are at least 16+ which is the legal age of conscent in most parts of the world. Anything younger and I won't post the story to my fills list.)
Pairing: M!LW/Freddie Gomez & M!LW/Officer Gomez

Prompt: The Lone Wanderer can’t believe he’s fallen in love with a computer simulation. Still, that didn’t prevent him from returning to the Outcast outpost and journeying into the virtual reality pod whenever he could - having been able to alter the program since opening the vault and turning the safety protocols back on. Of course Protector McGraw isn’t accepting that the LW is just there for “training” and calls him on it. Finding out the truth, McGraw decides there’s something he can offer the LW - himself.
Pairing: M!LW/Benji & M!LW/McGraw

Prompt: They’re in the Tops, dancing to pre-war music crooning through the old speakers, and they’ve never felt more complete. (Could also be the Lucky 38 is up and running again.)
Pairing: Prefer M!Courier with: Vulpes, Picus, Joshua Graham, or Boone (but there's a whole host of slash options); Vulpes/Picus

Prompt: What if the way the Sole Survivor woke up was from someone exploring Vault 111? One of the companions is in the Vault for some reason - maybe looking for supplies (Preston), tracking down tech (Danse), hunting scrap for caps (MacCready), tracking a missing person (Nick), or simply stumbled upon it as a safe place to sleep - and ends up waking the Sole Survivor.
Pairing: M!SS with MacCready, Nick, or Danse (Could be another male companion or male NPC but those are the preferred.)

Prompt: Soulmate AU. Whether that’s "name on your wrist" or “first thing said” type, I don’t care. It could be that the spouse’s name/words were scarred over when the SS woke up and they received a new name/words, or that the spouse was never their soulmate to begin with and so they’ve always had their new LI’s name/words.
Pairing: M!SS with MacCready, Nick, or Danse (Could be another male companion or male NPC but those are the preferred.)

Prompt: (Spoilers if you haven’t confronted Kellogg yet and gone to Goodneigbor afterward.) Depending on dialogue choice during the standoff, Kellogg with say with obvious admiration/honesty: “You know, you surprise me, I have to admit. I find myself actually kind of… liking you.” And between how he was so honest it about it and what is found out later of the man’s past, it’s clear that Kellogg would perfectly relate to the SS.
Kellogg grew up in an abusive household, tried to better himself, and his wife and kid get killed, which sends him into a spiral of revenge that leads him to do mercenary work and ultimately puts him on the collision course with the Institute. Kellogg had no real idea of what he was getting into that day he took Shaun, and he didn’t particularly care to kill Nora.
Because of his past, Kellogg was pretty numb to everything. But here’s the SS in front of him and Kellogg can’t help but admire him. It wakes something up in Kellogg and he offers to help the SS out. Over the course of the quest, SS learns about Kellogg’s past and can finally understand better. Which leads SS not only to forgive Kellogg but find something deeper between them.
Pairing: M!SS/Kellogg

Prompt: (Spoilers for Danse’s storyline.) Danse made mention that he used to live in Rivet City with his friend and that’s how they ended up with the Brotherhood - which had to be true and not an implanted memory as the Brotherhood would know where they found him at. So what if the Lone Wanderer and Danse knew each other? Option 1: They get together during the events of FO3. How would things change with the whole Zeller and Harkness mess? Would Danse be revealed as another android then? Would he still join the Brotherhood? Option 2: When the LW travels to the Commonwealth, he meets Danse again. Could be a past relationship or first time. Either way though, LW knows Danse from Rivet City. (Note: FO4 takes place only 10 years post-FO3, and the LW was only 18/19 when they left the Vault.)
Pairing: M!LW/Danse

Prompt: The LW travels to the Commonwealth and finds a familiar face. MacCready is nothing like the mouthy kid he used to be, but he sure as hell hasn’t lost his admiration for the LW. (Note on ages: the LW was only 18/19 when they left the Vault, while Mac was 10-12, and FO4 is only 10 years post-FO3.)
Pairing: M!LW/MacCready

Prompt: There’s a spot above Vault 111’s entrance where there’s a Railsign for “ally." It makes you wonder who put the Railsign there. Technically speaking, the Institute is the only ones that know the SS is down there. So what if it was Kellogg? What if Kellogg was really helping the Railroad? Maybe the whole time, but more likely after the incident in the Vault. Kellogg didn’t WANT to kill Nate/Nora, and even expresses sympathy as such. And depending on the dialogue choices, Kellogg says he admires the SS and adds “I find myself kindda… liking you.” After all, he grew up in shit, worked hard to better himself, had his wife and kid killed… He gets it, and maybe it makes him feel something again, and maybe it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Pairing: M!SS/Kellogg

Prompt: I really liked the Brotherhood of Steel under Lyons in FO3, and while doing my Brotherhood playthrough in FO4 I couldn't help but wonder what the Lone Wanderer would make of all this. What would they think of what the Brotherhood has become, of their mission in the Commonwealth, of the new people to meet? (Note, FO4 is only 10 years after FO3, and when the LW leaves the Vault they're only 18/19.)
Pairing: M!LW with: M!SS, Danse, or MacCready (Could have other male NPC's but those would be the preferred.)

Far Cry:

Prompt: Pagan and Ajay are beginning a sort of father-son relationship. Even not growing up with a dad, Ajay’s pretty sure their relationship is unconventional but he’s surprisingly okay with that. Except it’s REALLY hard to date when “Dad” keeps getting in the way. This could be post-game or after the secret ending at the start of the game (personally prefer the latter). Just really need to see some fun shenanigans from Pagan.
Pairing: Ajay/Sabal

Prompt: A/B/O. Sabal wasn’t aware that Ajay was an Omega until his suppressants ran out and he went into heat. (No non-con, dub-con is fine. Also if Amita is an Alpha, please nothing with her.)
Pairing: Ajay/Sabal

Prompt: So it’s rather obvious that there is no way Pagan would allow Ajay to come to any real harm. Ajay must figure this out as well, so I want to see an Ajay that takes total advantage of this situation. A confident, borderline cocky Ajay that just waltzes into outposts and other places controlled by the Royal Guard and basically just tells them to leave cause, hey, they have strict orders not to hurt him.
Pairing: Ajay/Pagan or Ajay/Sabal

Prompt: Jason Brody has moved on after the events that changed his life on Rook Island. He even has himself a new boyfriend, Ajay Ghale. When Ajay’s mother dies, he offers to go with him in his journey to Kyrat to spread her ashes.
Pairing: Jason/Ajay

Prompt: Sabal has a new mission for Ajay- he needs Ajay to travel into the mountain and attempt to convince the warrior there to join them. No one that’s ever gotten close to him has been able to sway him, but the man is a fierce beast and Sabal knows he could make a huge difference. Ajay wasn’t expecting the recluse in question to be a guy his age by the name of Jason Brody.
Pairing: Jason/Ajay


Prompt: Corvo has an accident and ends up with some memory loss. Daud is completely willing to take advantage of that fact. (Could be related to being poisoned or something entirely different.)
Pairing: Corvo/Daud

Prompt: Corvo or Daud end up Blinking when they didn’t intend to - maybe they sneezed, got startled, whatever - and it almost ends up in disaster. Could also be a 5+1: Five times Corvo/Daud Blinked into trouble and the one time it was a perfect “mistake.”
Pairing: Corvo/Daud or Daud/Martin

Prompt: “My mother warned me never to make an enemy of a witch.” An AU where Corvo is a witch (optionally marked by the Outsider) and Daud attempts to stay on his good side.
Pairing: Corvo/Daud

Prompt: Merman AU. The Outsider is a merman (or other mercreature) and all of those he marks gain the ability to turn into mermen.
Pairing: Corvo/Daud, Daud/Martin, Corvo/Outsider, or Corvo/Daud/Outsider

Prompt: Daud is a werewolf and the Whalers are his pack. Now he has a certain Lord Protector in his sights. He would have Corvo as his mate.
Pairing: Corvo/Daud


Prompt: There was a job that came in for the Guild that Brynolf decided to take for himself. It should have been an easy job, but he runs into a jam. Thankfully the new Guild Master is there to save him and salvage the situation. (Human or Elf Dragonborn)
Pairing: M!DB/Brynolf

Prompt: The Dragonborn has recently become the new Harbinger. His fellow Companions adjust to his leadership easily enough, save for Vilkas. Aela tells the DB it’s the wolf- it needs to be proven that the DB is the Alpha. While Aela and Farkas recognize the DB’s strength and accept him, Vilkas may need some OTHER methods of domination in order for him to roll over. (No non-con, dub-con is fine. Human or Elf Dragonborn.)
Pairing: M!DB/Vilkas

Prompt: Hadvar and Ralof both say about parting ways after your great escape together yet they'll both politely wait for you if you follow them to Riverwood. So I want something where the Dragonborn lagged behind for whatever reason only to find Hadvar or Ralof waiting for them a little down the road. (Human or Elf Dragonborn)
Pairing: M!DB/Hadvar or M!DB/Ralof

Prompt: Jon Battle-Born is a bard. Though he doesn’t sing in front of people, he makes an exception to start courting the Dragonborn.
Pairing: M!DB/Jon Battle-Born

Prompt: A vampire or werewolf is soul-bonded to a monster hunter. What could go wrong? (Human or Elf Dragonborn. It doesn't matter if the Dragonborn is the vamp/were or the hunter. Can make non-vamp/were NPCs INTO one if you want to.)
Pairing: M!DB with Vilkas, Farkas, Brynolf, Ralof, Hadvar, Hern, Agmaer (Probably other male NPC's to pick from, but those would be the preferred ones.)

Dragon Age:

Prompt: Nathaniel becomes insanely jealous over the Warden Commander’s relationship with Alistair. The Commander may claim them to be friends, but that doesn’t stop Nathaniel’s mood from changing every time they cross paths. Eventually it becomes far too much and Nathaniel decides to make his move before he loses his chance to be with the Commander. (Prefer a Cousland!Warden, second choice Mahariel!Warden, but could be any human or elf Warden. Writer’s choice if Alistair is King or stayed a Warden to follow the Hero of Ferelden. Bonus points if Anders knows exactly what’s going on and blatantly flirts with the Warden to mess with Nathaniel.)
Pairing: M!Warden/Nathaniel

Prompt: Alistair doesn’t become King and follows the Hero of Ferelden - now Warden Commander - to their new post in Amaranthine. (Any human or elf Warden.)
Pairing: M!Warden/Alistair

Prompt: Cousland and Alistair are both used to having to give up what they want for the good of others, but they don’t want to give up each other. They both know what’s expected of them - to marry and have heirs - but really when the chances are they wouldn’t be able to have children thanks to being Grey Wardens, they can’t see the point in keeping up appearances. Basically they say to hell with it all and stick with each other no matter the political pressure put on them.
Pairing: M!Cousland/Alistair

Prompt: The Calling is upon him, but he will not venture into the Deep Roads alone. His lover stands beside him, despite it not being his own time, to face the darkspawn side by side.
Pairing: Prefered M!Warden with: Alistair, Nathaniel, Cullen, or Bann Teagan

Call of Duty:

Prompt: An AU where Elias didn’t let go of Rorke. Rorke is still captured by the Federation and turned while Elias was found and rescued. It’s enough to keep part of Rorke’s sanity in check however, vowing never to let go of Elias just as his lover had refused to let go of him. So while all the other Ghosts are fair game to Rorke’s broken mind, Elias - and by proxy his sons - are to be protected at all costs. (Bonus: When Rorke lured the Ghosts to his first trap he had no idea the Walker boys would be there. So when he sees them on the webcam, Rorke freaks and orders them to run.)
Pairing: Elias/Rorke (Optional: Logan/Keegan or Hesh/Logan)

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