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Prompt List: Crossovers

My ever-growing prompt list I decided to make available to other authors that might be inspired by them. If you use one of my prompts, please give me credit for the idea. And post a link in the comments so I can see it of course!

Check back often for NEW! additions here and on my other prompt list entries: Movie Prompts, Video Game Prompts & TV Show Prompts
Find the fills to my prompts here.

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Riddick is searching for his Furyan mate and is surprised at what he finds. A blue-eyed blonde with a cool persona but a fiery spirit. (Optional: Brian’s another Alpha.)
Pairing: Riddick/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. A/B/O. There were Alpha Furyans and then there were Omega Furyans. Riddick’s been searching for the other Furyans since becoming Lord Marshal. He didn’t expect to find his mate in the form of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Omega.
Pairing: Riddick/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Brian gets sent to a Slam for boosting transports. There he meets a guy with glowing eyes, and triggers a game of cat and mouse with a bigger adrenaline rush than he’d ever had racing.
Pairing: Riddick/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Riddick and Vaako had become lovers shortly after Riddick’s rise to power. Now the campaign took them to a system teeming with potential resources and converts. What they didn’t expect was a blue-eyed blonde that ruthlessly defended any and all of those around him- taking down waves of Necros single-handedly. He would make the perfect Necromonger warrior, and Riddick knows they have to have him. Maybe in more ways than one. (Writer’s choice if Bri’s a cop, a merc that’s passing through/lives there, or maybe even just a civilian.)
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako; eventual Riddick/Vaako/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Brian has waited among the Legion Vast for a long time, waiting for the day the Lord Marshal would fall. He had not expected Riddick to be the form Zhylaw’s death would take, but he was content to look to him upon the throne, for he was worthy. As a lower-ranked Commander in seniority, he had doubts he would get close to Riddick, though he was never so glad to be wrong. (Optional: Brian can also be Furyan.)
Pairing: Riddick/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Brian watched and waited, buying his time. He was one of many under Lord Vaako’s command, but he was one of few who had ever gotten close to him, becoming one of his Sub-Commanders in the process. Brian considered it both a blessing and a curse- the closer he got, the more wanting desire flared inside him that not even Purifying could sate.
Pairing: Brian/Vaako

Prompt: Riddick/F&F. Brian has waited among the Legion Vast for a long time, waiting for the day the Lord Marshal would fall. He saw the way the object of his affection watched the new Lord Marshal, and Brian couldn’t blame Vaako in the least. Riddick was both deadly and attractive, a perfect combination. As a lower-ranked Commander in seniority though, Brian had little faith he would get close to Riddick. Unless... unless he were to be promoted. Then he could possibly tempt BOTH men to his bed. (Optional: Brian and/or Vaako can be Furyans.)
Pairing: Riddick/Brian/Vaako

Prompt: Mass Effect/Riddick. (Post-ME2/Pre-ME3; Post-Chronicles) The Necromongers are actually servants of the Reapers. The “Threshold” that the LM’s cross is actually a black hole to the space the Reapers lay dormant and the “powers” they are given are nothing more than nanotech and synthetic upgrades. The Necros have become indoctrinated. Commander Shepard has found out the truth and races to warn Riddick, though he’s already suspected as much himself. Now, what to do with that information? Do they destroy an entire fleet, or can some of them be saved and the resources used in the fight against the Reapers? It’s quickly made clear that some are beyond hope, but others- like Vaako- show plenty of fight left in them.
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako (Optional: Male!Shep with Vega, Kaidan, and/or Garrus)

Prompt: xXx/F&F. Xander and his team- Vince, Leon, and Jesse- are daredevils and risk takers. Xander’s more questionable stunts have put him in the crosshairs of many law enforcement departments. Brian is his own brand of crazy cowboy, so he was a no-brainer as the Feds’ choice as a UC agent. It was supposed to be a simple assignment- get them Xander and his crew- but Brian fell hard and fast for a set of brown eyes and a smile. Though, he may not be the only one long gone.
Pairing: Xander/Brian

Prompt: xXx/F&F. Brian’s always been an adrenaline-junkie, loving fast cars and surfing, but could pretty much enjoy anything that got his heart racing. Meeting Xander Cage was one of those moments. He knew him and his crew, had even watched that show of his- Xander Zone. Getting to meet the guy in person at one of his parties though, that was just the beginning of an adrenaline-filled life like he’d never known before. (Writer’s choice if Xander’s crew is the same from the movie or is Vince, Leon, and Jesse from the Fast-verse.)
Pairing: Xander/Brian

Prompt: Riddick/The Cave/Doom. Jack survives the experience in the cave and he learns to live with the parasite that’s infected him. He can’t continue cave diving- it feeds the parasite’s instincts to take over his body- and instead becomes a merc, changing his name to Johns. Reaper is also living with his new abilities after being infected with the 24th chromosome they were working on at Olduvai. To avoid the UAC, he changes his name to Vaako and takes off for places unknown. Riddick, infamous convict and escape artist, has his own animal abilities, though his were bred into him from birth. When these three meet it seems almost like destiny- they’ve found like souls in each other. (Writer’s choice if Vaako becomes a Necro, how Riddick finds out he’s Furyan, and if the Necro/Furyan conflict takes place. Can be completely AU or follow some of the Riddick plot.)
Pairing: Riddick/Jack (Johns)/Reaper (Vaako)

Prompt: The Cave/Riddick. Jack may have survived the cave, but living with the parasite inside him is another story. Riddick is an animal unto himself- maybe he can help Jack? Writer’s choice if Jack becomes the merc Johns and if Riddick knows his Furyan heritage.
Pairing: Riddick/Jack (Johns)

Prompt: Burn Notice/F&F. Michael has a new job that leads him into the street racing scene. How is this blonde-haired, blue-eyed pretty boy ex-cop connected? (Could be pre or post-2F2F.)
Pairing: Michael/Brian

Prompt: Burn Notice/F&F. Michael needs a good wheelman for a job and Sam says he knows just the guy. Except it turns out Bullet is already employed, and by a local drug kingpin at that.
Pairing: Michael/Brian, Brian/Carter, Michael/Carter, or Michael/Brian/Carter

Prompt: Burn Notice/F&F. One of Michael’s jobs lead to a local crime boss, Carter Verone. As though that weren’t complicated enough, word on the street is Verone’s got a new associate they’ve aptly named the Ice Prince.
Pairing: Brian/Carter (Optional: Michael/Brian or Michael/Brian/Carter)

Prompt: Inception/F&F. Post-TF&TF or Fast 4. Post-Inception. Dominic Toretto is in the wind and there are powers that be that want him found. They know Brian O’Conner has knowledge of his whereabouts and hire Arthur and his team to steal said information from Brian’s dreams (Cobb is retired). It ends up being Eames and Arthur that go in and the master forger poses as Dom in order to get the information. Granted, Eames wasn’t counting on having the tables turned by the pretty blonde in a very sexual way.
Pairing: Dom/Brian, Arthur/Eames, & Brian/Eames (sort of)

Prompt: Common Law/F&F. Wes wasn’t always such a straight-laced, by-the-books guy, and Carter wasn’t always on the wrong side of the law. In fact, their families traveled in similar social circles and thus the two became good friends, until Wes went one way and Carter the other. Now, Carter’s shown up in LA and with a pretty blonde ex-cop. Wes can’t be sure he’s ready for a reunion. Especially when he wants this Brian character on first glance, and when he still wants Carter, and when- as though his life doesn’t suck enough- the pair are together.
Pairing: Brian/Carter, Wes/Carter (past and/or present), Optional: Wes/Brian or Wes/Brian/Carter

Prompt: Hannibal/Criminal Minds. Reid and Will were bound to run into each other at some point in their work for the BAU. The two enigmatic- and rather strange- agents click with each other in such odd perfection.
Pairing: Will/Reid

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