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Prompt List: TV Shows

My ever-growing prompt list I decided to make available to other authors that might be inspired by them. If you use one of my prompts, please give me credit for the idea. And post a link in the comments so I can see it of course!

Check back often for NEW! additions here and on my other prompt list entries: Movie Prompts, Video Game Prompts & Crossover Prompts
Find the fills to my prompts here.

Band of Brothers: NEW!

Prompt: Speirs is crazy on the looting, picking up anything of value he can find. He doesn't hesitate to share some of his finds with Lipton though. And ONLY Lipton. Bonus: Lip is completely oblivious until Luz points it out.
Pairing: Speirs/Lipton

Prompt: Merman AU. Post-war, Web goes missing out at sea and Lieb goes searching for him (with or without help). He finds Web alright, but Lieb wasn't expecting that Web was a mershark.
Pairing: Web/Liebgott

Prompt: Fae AU.
Pairing: Writer's Choice

Prompt: Sentinel/Guide AU. The military wanted to recruit as many Sentinels as possible to give them an edge. That also meant trying to find as many Guides as possible too. Even if they weren’t matches, a Guide would be able to help keep Sentinels properly grounded, although in each unit a Guide could have as many as three Sentinels to look after.
Pairing: Writer's Choice

Prompt: Pacific Rim AU. Nix and Winters are the most in sync Rangers ever seen. Speirs is a newcomer to the Shatterdome with a reputation.
Pairing: Writer's Choice

Prompt: Equilibrium AU. Winters and Speirs are high-level Clerics. Nixon is Winters' former Cleric partner and now a Sense Offender working with the Resistance, led by Lipton.
Pairing: Writer's Choice

NEW! Prompt: Matrix AU. Dick is Captain of the Screaming Eagle, along with his right hand, Ron, and the rest of the crew, they’ve been searching for the Chosen Ones to help them against the machines. There were four men who started the whole rebellion, were able to shape the Matrix to their wills, and after they died, it was foretold they would return and help to end the war once and for all.
Pairing: Winters/Nixon & Speirs/Lipton, or Winters/Nixon/Speirs/Lipton

NEW! Prompt: Mad Max AU. They came down the road one day to their walled-off stronghold. War Boys. They had a reputation out in the wastes and their cars were distinctive enough to recognize. As was the paint on their faces when they got out - black grease smeared across their eyes like a band. They were known to do favors - violent favors - for guzzolene. Well, Dick wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity.
Pairing: Writer's Choice

Criminal Minds:

Prompt: (Based on the episode “The Tribe.”) Reid, Hotch, and Gideon akin their unsubs to a pack, as well as their own team. Hotch is a werewolf, optionally as are Reid and Gideon but those two at least know the truth of Hotch’s nature if nothing else. Blackwolf is indeed a wolf who helps them out. Optional: Cali is wolf, or he at least knows about wolves as he recognizes Hotch and Blackwolf as such.
Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Prompt: An Unsub is targeting men at gay bars and clubs around town and Reid fits the victimology.
Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Prompt: Reid never joined the BAU. Rather, even with all his degrees, Reid becomes a regular card shark and plays not only in Vegas but around the world. It seem fate always finds a way however, as Reid finds himself meeting the BAU during one of their investigations. And he has to admit to taking a shine to their Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner. (Writer’s choice if Reid ends up in the BAU as a result. Also, keep in mind that Reid’s lifestyle has made him much more confident and outgoing than it took for years to bring out in the BAU.)
Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Prompt: It's rather common for werewolves to work in the justice system. Even so, the law requires they have a "handler," a partner to "hold the leash" so to speak, even in the ranks of the FBI. Reid isn't exactly your typical werewolf but he's not above the rules and as such Hotch is his handler for formality's sake (could have been Gideon before he left or was always Hotch). Note, while I'm cool with the wolves wearing collars, don't want any actual leashing going on - perhaps it's a threat to troublesome/feral wolves but not for someone like Reid.
Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Prompt: It's rather common for werewolves to work in the justice system and the FBI is willing to use any tools at their disposal. However wolves require a partner - a "handler" - to oversee them. In cases like the BAU, where there are wholes teams of wolves, then there will be a pseudo human pack leader, someone able to control them. Gideon had been that person for a long time. However with his abandonment of the BAU - and the pack - it's up to the only remaining human male of the team to take up the role. How was Reid supposed to be Alpha to three big Alpha males like Hotch, Rossi, and Morgan? (Writer's choice if JJ, Emily, and Garcia are wolves or humans.)
Pairing: Hotch/Reid (Optional: Hotch/Reid/Rossi, Hotch/Reid/Morgan)

Common Law:

Prompt: Wes decides maybe he’ll try the whole online dating thing after being accused of not being able to “move on” from his divorce. He ends up going out on a few dates but nothing seems right. It just so happens Travis catches him out on a date- with another man no less.
Pairing: Wes/Travis

Prompt: Wes had spent far too many decades alone and for a vampire that could be agony after a while. His marriage to Alex, another vampire, was one of mutual convenience and shared loneliness and they both knew it. They also both knew the reason their bond fell apart but only Alex would admit to it- Travis. When Wes joined the police force he was depressed and down on himself but something about Travis made him happy again. Alex knew Wes worried about what would happen if Travis learned the truth about what he was, but she believed Travis loved Wes as much as Wes loved Travis.
Pairing: Wes/Travis (past Wes/Alex could be of a completely non-sexual relationship and they bonded for companionship)

Prompt: As a born werewolf from a prestigious pack and the Alpha’s son, Wes knew there wasn’t much of his life he’d be choosing for himself. School, his law degree, even his wife- all chosen for him. Don’t get him wrong, Wes cared for his “mate” but he knew it just wasn’t right. That all changed the day he met Travis Marks and his wolf clawed at him, wanting him to claim, saying MINE with such force that it rocked him. There was no way he could have what he wanted though. He had Alex and until something changed, his wolf had to remain content with just watching over their mate and safeguarding him from harm- Travis was only human after all. (Writers choice if Alex is wolf or a human that’s from a wolf family.)
Pairing: Wes/Travis

Prompt: Vampires Wes and Travis had grown up in very different worlds. Wes was a pureblood with an impressive lineage and came from old money. Travis was a turned vampire that hailed from crime-ridden streets and always had to work hard for what he had. They couldn’t have been any more different but still somehow they seemed to make it work, even if they spent most of the time bumping heads. (Writer’s choice if vampires are known.)
Pairing: Wes/Travis

Prompt: Werewolves Wes and Travis had grown up in very different worlds. Wes was a born wolf from a long and impressive line that came from old money and even older traditions. Travis was a turned wolf that scraped by for years without any sort of real pack. They couldn’t have been any more different but still somehow they seemed to make it work, because they found in each other what they’d always wanted- true pack. (Writer’s choice if werewolves are known.)
Pairing: Wes/Travis


Prompt: (Fusion with Blood & Chocolate) Will is a traveling artist who stumbles upon Hannibal one day. Except Hannibal’s dark secret is that he’s a werewolf. He’s never been one for pack politics, but he knows the danger he’s putting them all in if he lets this human close.
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Prompt: Francis is really a dragon (whether a shapeshifter or a dragon soul in the body of a human) and he’s not about to give up his mate(s).
Pairing: Hannibal/Francis, Will/Francis, or Hannibal/Will/Francis

Prompt: Matrix AU. Jack is obviously Morpheus. Hannibal is Trinity. And Will, he’s The One.
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Prompt: In the Flesh AU. Hannibal and Will meet after the first PDS patients are returning home. Will is a PDS sufferer that wants to return to his teaching at Quantico and be left alone. Jack however would still like to pick his brain on cases. The FBI isn’t convinced Will can do either of those things. Hannibal Lector is supposed to determine Will’s state of mind and help him in both his mental recovery but also physical one.
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Prompt: National Treasure AU. Will is determined to find the Templar Treasure that his grandfather had started the hunt for, that his father went insane trying to find. Hannibal is an archivist at the National Archive who originally gets forced along for the ride and later becomes academically intrigued in the hunt, but also intrigued by Will.
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Battle Creek:

Prompt: A/B/O. Every fandom needs one. I’m thinking Alpha!Russ and Omega!Milt - just something about Mr. Perfect being a needy, begging Omega. Of course if you really wanted to do it the other way, Russ as a prickly, not-submissive Omega is a humorous proposition.
Pairing: Russ/Milt

Prompt: Soulmate AU. Of course Russ’ soulmate turns out to be this picture perfect FBI Agent that is a total pain in the ass.
Pairing: Russ/Milt

Prompt: Deaf!Milt. Milt who has been deaf since he was a teen so he can speak and also reads lips and knows ASL. (Optional: Holly is fluent in ASL and Russ watches her and Milt speak in private that way, getting a little jealous, so he asks Holly to teach him and surprises Milt.)
Pairing: Russ/Milt

Prompt: In the Flesh AU. PDS sufferers have already begun to reintegrate back into society by the time Milt comes to Battle Creek. It isn’t until something happens to Russ- losing a contact in a fight, someone screaming obscenities at him- that Milt realizes Russ has PDS. It’s after that Milt finds the article about the Detective who was killed, and perhaps even a follow up article about when Russ came back. It also explains Russ’ bitterness as here’s this bright new shiny FBI Agent and Russ is a damned zombie! Add to that that bad press Russ receives mainly has to do with him having PDS more than anything else and Russ isn’t the happiest of people right now.
Pairing: Russ/Milt

Prompt: Milt is asexual/demisexual. It explains why he doesn’t seem to notice when everyone is flirting with him and that he remains completely unaffected by it.
Pairing: Russ/Milt

Turn: Washington's Spies:

Prompt: Andre wants to recruit Abe as a spy. Could happen anywhere within the timeline, including pre-show.
Pairing: Abe/Andre

Prompt: Alternate ending to Season 1. Baker discovers Abe with his code book writing a missive at the table. With quick thinking, Abe is able to convince Baker that he’s a spy for the British working in secret for Major Andre and that he’s sending an account of the battle (he could even show some of it to Baker since he was indeed reporting on his part in things). Writer’s choice what to do about Abe’s wife - prefer that she’s still staying at White Hall - but just that she doesn’t discover the book nor find out about Abe’s spy activities.
Pairing: Abe/Baker

Prompt: Abe was shocked to find Ben waiting at the drop location, although he couldn’t be cross about it. He was far too glad to see Ben again to worry about the special assignment Caleb was apparently on. They rarely saw each other these days and they were going to take advantage of such a meeting.
Pairing: Abe/Ben

Prompt: Being that close to Benedict Arnold was a shock to the system. Ben found he could barely breathe, could barely focus on the words Arnold was saying. He offered minimal answers, focus drawn to those lips, those eyes. Arnold must have read his thoughts because the next Ben knew he was being kissed. (Inspired by the first tent scene in S2E4 when Ben is helping Arnold to stand, but can be written about really any time between them.)
Pairing: Ben/Arnold

Generation Kill: NEW!

Prompt: Brad or Walt gets a service dog for their PTSD.
Pairing: Brad/Nate, Nate/Walt, or Brad/Walt

Prompt: In the Flesh AU. Brad was killed during OIF (alternatively in Afghanistan) but now he’s back. (Other characters being PDS sufferers is writer’s choice.)
Pairing: Brad/Nate, Brad/Walt, or Brad/Nate/Walt

NEW! Prompt: Minority Report AU. Nate has the ability to see things before they happen. Which comes in handy during war. There's a slight problem though in that the visions are often sudden and not always clear.
Pairing: Brad/Nate (or Brad/Nate/Walt)

Walking Dead:

Prompt: Wingfic. Daryl’s always been different. The tattoo’d wings on his shoulder blades can tell you that - well, if you knew that they weren’t just tattoos and that Daryl could manifest actual wings. No one in the group knew his secret. He’d been able to keep them under wraps. That was, until Rick Grimes showed up. What was it about the man that made his back itch and his wings ache for release? Why’d he feel like he could so easily trust Rick, when he could barely trust his own brother?
Pairing: Rick/Daryl

Prompt: A/B/O. Rick is an Omega. It’s unusual for Omegas to be in charge but not unheard of - Alphas may have been natural leaders, but Omegas were natural protectors (and the males were typically scrappy as hell to make sure any Alpha to mate them was worthy). Shane, an Alpha and Rick’s best friend for years, has been there for all of Rick’s heats to help him through. That hasn’t changed simply because the world has gone to hell. Except there’s an Alpha in the group who has his eyes on Rick - Daryl. Shane’s possessive, Daryl’s still intrigued, and Rick has no idea what to do about any of it. (Could be an AU where Lori and Carl don’t exist or aren’t Rick’s wife and kid. If they are, then Lori’s a Beta and she’s always been accepting of Rick and Shane’s relationship because everyone knows an Omega needs an Alpha during heat - which means Carl could be Lori’s kid, or Rick’s via Shane.)
Pairing: Rick/Shane (Optional: Rick/Daryl, and/or Rick/Daryl/Shane)

Teen Wolf:

Prompt: A werewolf and a monster hunter are soul-bonded together. What could go wrong?
Pairing: Peter/Chris, Peter/Stiles, or Peter/Stiles/Chris


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Jul. 23rd, 2015 01:12 am (UTC)
These are fantastic prompts. I might have to use one or two of the Common Law and/or Battle Creek ones. Thank you for allowing others to use these. If I do use any, I'll be sure to credit you for the prompt.
Jul. 24th, 2015 04:27 am (UTC)
Ooo, looking forward to see what you come up with! Deff lemme know if you do any so I can read them! :D
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